Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Collab summer favrouites ♡♡

Salaam guys, so me and my new blogging buddy the beautiful immy from @immysadventures decided to do a collab summer favrouites post! 
Check out her blog it's totally awesome, with some amazing posts honestly! 


1) My journal. 
This journal is my most recent purchase. It's handmade with super cute flower patterns on it's cover. I have to admit I take more interest in collecting books/journals rather then actually reading/writing them. 

2) Daisy anklet. 
Recently I have been obsessed with daisies! Well who wouldn't be, they are the cutest things ever. A huge thank you to my beautiful friends for this lovely gift. Although it's an anklet I like to wear is as a bracelet because well I like to be different! :D 

3) My Celine Dion signature hand cream. 
This hand cream smells absolutely divine and leaves my skin so smooth especially when I have super dry skin. Definitely recommend this. 

4) okay so this one is a bit strange but I have recently been obsessing over round flower henna patterns. Honestly they look super cute and so elegant! 

(Henna pattern and daisy anklet/bracelet)

5) Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with aztec designs. I absolutely love my bag with the lovely aztec patterns. It was love at first sight. Although I do wish it was more stable for a better shape. 

6) Lastly how can I forgot my phone! My phone is my all time favorite, but recently I have been loving watching DIY room decor videos. I feel like my room is too plain and needs to be DIY'd up! I honestly found them super helpful as they gave me some really creative ideas. 

Last but not the least a huge thank you to our photographer for today. SADIA! aka the bestie 

Check out her Instagram henna page for some beautiful henna patterns. 
Instagram: @sadzhennaartist

That's all for now, now check out Immy's summer favorite's with the link below: 

Thank you for reading, asta la vista!


  1. Ah love the idea of a collaboration. Masha Allah
    Cool stuff x